SysAdmin: Using Linux to Duplicate Computers

The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate the use
of Linux and Perl, and the replication of Linux computers on a mass
scale with minimal hardware requirements.
The secondary
purpose is to gather people in the community to help develop a tool
for companies, universities, and individuals to easily replicate
computers. It’s important to be able to replicate computers with
free software for the following reasons: you don’t have to bother
buying upgrades every once in a while; you can empower yourself to
install computers rather than relying on an overpaid computer
consultant; it reduces downtime and increases turnover of bad
hardware; and you get to see what the software is doing, which will
help you modify it for your particular needs. A primitive tool
called MILAS is located at www.sysadminmag.com for public use. One
way of replicating Linux installations will be shown, although it
is not the only way. “


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