Taking A Good Long Look At Vector Linux 5.9 Standard

“Over the past 14 months I’ve reviewed two previous releases of
Vector Linux: Vector Linux 5.8 Standard and Vector Linux 5.8 SOHO.
Anyone who has run those versions of Vector Linux would find the
new version quite familiar. In reality the changes between 5.8 and
5.9, which was released in December, are like day and night. For
starters up until now Vector Linux was a 32-bit distro. A 64-bit
version of Vector Linux 5.9 Standard is currently in beta and looks
very promising. However, since it is still beta code I’m
restricting my review to the 32-bit version.

“Last year Vector Linux came in four flavors. The list has now
been expanded to seven different variations on the distribution:
Standard, Deluxe, SOHO, Live, Light, Mini, and Light Live…”

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