The mysterious Linux command line

[ Thanks to burfoot
for this link. ]

“Everyone has heard how Linux is to hard, and that you
have to use the mysterious command line to get anything done. As we
all know this statement is not true. In most modern Linux distro’s
one can get by indefinitely without ever reverting to a command
line. But If you open a terminal, you can find a whole new world of
computing will open up for you, and it’s not as hard as you might

“Why would I want to use the command line?

“Since most of us have migrated from windows, we are used to
getting things done by loading a Gui (graphical user interface) and
selecting a option that we want. (And now we mostly do the same
thing in Linux). But sometimes the command line is the fastest,
easiest or only way to get stuff done. The command line bypasses
the Gui and (in most cases) with a simple command lets us quickly
accomplish our task.”

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