The next document I put together will be done with LyX

“Word processors ALSO have features such as cross referencing,
making a table of contents, etc. You can insert graphics, and make
tables. Etc. That does not make something a word processor in
modern parlance. A word processor can not have those features, and
something with those features is not necessarily a word

“There is a different category of “processing words” (as it
were) known as “markup.” Early word processors were markup systems,
but today when we use the word “word processor” we always mean the
“what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) software. Anybody ever use
WordStar? Where .pa at the beginning of a line meant “page break”
for instance? In WordStar you could see the text you wrote, then
you could see the formatting commands that go along with the text,
which changed the way the text was rendered.”

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