The Pulpit: Tactics Versus Strategy

[ Thanks to Larry
for this link. ]

Why Microsoft and Intel Both Lost Ground This Week to the
Open Source Movement.

“Never fight a land war in Asia. Never invade Russia in the
fall. Whenever possible avoid wars on two fronts. Alexander,
Hitler, Napoleon and George McNamara all learned various
combinations of these lessons of engagement, but Microsoft
apparently hasn’t, having fallen a bit further behind this week to
the Open Source Liberation Army. And in a very peculiar way,
Microsoft’s countermeasures can’t help, but make life harder for an
old friend — Intel.”

“Some of the news was obvious, some subtle. The obvious part was
Sun Microsystems’ purchase of Star Office, an application suite
that runs on a variety of platforms, but mainly on Linux. Star
Office, while simpler than Microsoft Office has the advantages of
being, well, simpler than Microsoft Office. And of course, the
price is right. But even more importantly, Sun will be opening-up
the Star Office source code, which should result in a thousand
upgrades blooming — each one another headache for Microsoft.”