The question is, ‘Should I try OpenBSD/FreeBSD?’

“The topic, “Should I try OpenBSD/FreeBSD?” came up recently on
the Fedora Forum, and while I answered there, my answer is
sufficiently long-winded enough to spin into a blog post here:

“I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting/learning with BSDs over
the past couple of years, and I definitely recommend that Linux
users set aside a box, do some installs and take some time to
configure and use BSD.

“While I’ve run both FreeBSD and OpenBSD as desktops, I’ve spent
most of that time with OpenBSD, which was my main desktop for six
months. I had a machine on which I was having CD-ROM issues, which
I later solved, but at the time OpenBSD 4.4 was fairly easily
installed from a single floppy (yes, I installed an OS in 2009 from
a floppy disk), and I was able to build it up enough to get most of
my work done on it.

“I recently returned that particular laptop to OpenBSD 4.7 and
am playing around with it.

“I did run FreeBSD 7.3 and 8.0 on it before that. With the
customary varying degrees of success.”

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