The Register: IBM fleshes out Eon strategy

“David McAughtry, who we met maybe 12 years ago when he was an
OS/2 guru, took time out this morning to put flesh on the future
products that the personal system group will roll out this quarter,
and to explain IBM’s thinking on its Edge of the Network (Eon)

“Accordin[g to] McAughtry, the idea of Big Blue’s Eon initiative
is that all devices, ranging from so-called wearable PCs, through
to thin clients and personalised servers, will sit on the edge of a
network, and be supplied with information from some centralised
role. Although the PC and,for example the StinkPad notebook, will
still have a place, many x86 devices will not take the role they
occupied in the past.”

“Big Blue is also readying three network stations (NCs)
which now shelter under the personal system group umbrella. There
will be one for Linux, a so-called ‘zero footprint’ model, and one
aimed specifically at Windows 2000 users.”