The Register: OS/2 lives! IBM turns life support back on

“OS/2 lives – albeit somewhat belatedly. After years of neglect
and silence IBM has promised annual refreshes of client and server
versions, and consolidations of fix packs on CD. It’s not exactly
what you’d call a huge vote of confidence, but it’s quite a jump
for a company that for years has given every impression of wanting
to turn of the life support….”

“Another development track is the Everblue Project, which is
porting xlib to OS/2 (xlib is the Unix equivalent of the OS/2
Presentation Manager). The hope and expectation is that it will be
possible to port nearly every UNIX application to OS/2. So far,
there is emx for porting non-GUI applications, with xlib intended
to take care of the GUI.”

“When this is done, Netlabs plans to port Wine (a Win32
implementation for UNIX/X11) to OS/2. So far as a finishing date is
concerned, Netlabs says “never”, because the Win32 API is a moving