The Register: TurboLinux completes $57m funding round

“TurboLinux bosses will today find themselves on the receiving
end of cheques totalling $57 million, the result of the company’s
latest round of pre-IPO funding.”

“The staggering statistic here is not the size of the
investment, but the fact that it comes from a total of 20
companies, and you begin to wonder whether its got to the stage
where investing in a Linux operation is as much about getting a
foot in the door ahead of all the ordinary punters come IPO

It’s interesting to note the presence of Citrix and SCO.
TurboLinux’s proprietary clustering tools make its version of the
open source OS of particular interest to application server
specialist Citrix
, and may suggest a strategic shift away from
Win2K — Citrix server software has always been Windows-based, but
the company is far from best of friends with the Beast of