TheLinuxGurus.org: Review: Beginning Linux Programming

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“There is a whole crop of books about Linux programming popping
up in book stores everywhere. I plan on reviewing all of them here
as soon as I can afford to buy them all. I choose to buy this one
first because it looked the most promissing and I also have the
first edition and really enjoyed it….”

“The book tries to cover nearly all aspects of Linux
programming. I normally do not like books that take this shotgun
approach and try to cover a broad range of topics. Normally books
that take this route wind up not really teaching much of anything,
they barely scratch the surface of the topics they cover. This book
does an incredible job of covering a wide range of topics. I will
explain why.”

The authors do not sugar coat anything nor take multitudes
of pages to introduce topics, they get right to the point quickly.
They use simple, easy to understand language to explain each topic
and back it up with excellent examples.