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Linux® Trivia Scavenger Hunt Entry Form
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  • Catagory One- Linux OS
    • Question One- What is partition type 0xFD?
      Hint: You have upgraded fdisk, haven’t you?
    • Question Two- What are the current stable/devel kernel versions
      as of 10am CST, 10/26/99?
    • Question Three- Which popular mail client supports qmail type
      maildirs natively?
    • Question Four- Which Linux distribution includes a binary
      package for gnu hello?
    • Question Five- Who would have given Linus Torvalds a poor grade
      for his design of Linux?
      Hint: related to something that “sounds like” Linux
    • Question Six- What was the anniversary of the release of the
      first version of the kernel?
      Hint: LDD
    • Question Seven- Which popular Linux distribution is now working
      on a competitive OS kernel?
    • Question Eight- In what year was the first X package get
      Hint: Right around the time of Windows 1.0…
    • Question Nine- Name a currently produced computer platform
      Linux doesn’t run on.
    • Question Ten- What does GNU stand for?
    • Hint: none needed

  • Catagory Two- Linus Torvalds
    • Question One- Linus works at and they do or make what?
      Hint: You your brain
    • Question Two- Doc Searls of the Linux Journal hosted Linus at a
      round table at the “Linux For Suits” event. Linus commented that
      “people always ask me if I minded that somebody was taking Linux
      and trying to make a buck,” how did Linus reply?
      Hint: Linux Journal
    • Question Three- What is Linus’s favorite beer”
      Hint: no hint should be needed
    • Question Four- What is Linus’s wiles name?
      Hint: yippee
    • Question Five- Linus has children, their names are and they are years old and years old respectively. was born in . was born in .
      Hint: TLS
    • Question Six- What is Linus’s native language?
      Hint: not Finnish
    • Question Seven- In September Linus predicted a crash in the
      price of software, when did he predict this might happen?

      Hint: /. or techweb
    • Question Eight- with family and the kernel, Linus is too busy
      for most forms of recreation, but he has been known to play what
      game “with gusto” if not skill?
      Hint: TLS
    • Question Nine- Who is the God-father to Linus’s
      Hint: woof
    • Question Ten- Linus recently did something that he almost never
      does, what was that?

  • Catagory Three- Linux Community
    • Question One-Who is the “LUG coordinator” for
      Hint: linux.com
    • Question Two-What is the present “home lug” for Linux.Com’s lug
      Hint: LC
    • Question Three-Where the nearest cross street where the home
      lug of the linux.com lug coordinator meets?
      Hint: LC
    • Question Four-San ‘Nettwerk’ Mehat Presently
      works at VA Linux Systems. Where did San work prior to
      VA, what famous
      thing did he develop while working there and what does San really love to do for
    • Question Five-Larry Augustin President of VA
      Linux Systems has made a significant error in judgement in his
      life, what was that?
    • Question Six-Eric S. Raymond is a very
      interesting member of the Linux community, and is one of the
      communities best authors. He has written such ground breaking work
      as The The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Homesteading the
      , and The Magic Cauldron. Where does Eric
      Live (please give name of town and longitude and
    • Question Seven- What impact did the Novelist
      have on the early development and future
      hobbies of Eric Raymond?
      Hint: geeks with x
    • Question Eight- What musical instrument did
      Eric Raymond play for belly dancers at the VA “LinuxWorld Wrap Up”
      Hint: It takes 2 hands and your mouth.
    • Question Nine- In Eric Raymonds The Magic
      he predicts that in the long term the Open Source
      movement will create a condition or environment where, “the
      software industry as a whole will remain” what?

      Hint: tuxedo.org
    • Question Ten-Eric likes Guns, what is his
      Hint: tuxedo.org
    • Question Eleven- What is Eric’s wifes name?
      Hint: tuxedo.org
    • Question Twelve- Doc Searls of the Linux
      Journal is also well known for being one of the creators of the
      “Cluetrain Manifesto”. In the manifesto Doc says, “Markets
      are conversations.
      They are subjects people talk about,
      not just battles between competitors. In fact, getting people to
      talk about your subject is the best way to beat competitors.
      Conversation is fire. The best topics are the
      hottest ones. As the expression goes, the best words spread “like
      If “markets are conversations and conversation is fire” then
      “Marketing” is what?
      Hint: cluetrain.com
    • Question Thirteen-Phil Hughes CEO of SSC, the
      publishers of the Linux Journal is often mistaken
      for who?
      Hint: another famous Linux community person.
    • Question Fourteen- How did slashdot.org “news
      for nerds” get its name of slashdot?
      Hint: /.
    • Question Fifteen- How long have now rich and famous slashdot
      founders Rob and Jeff known each other?

      Hint: /.
    • Question Sixteen- Robin Miller better known as
      roblimo of slashdot, is often times referred too as (at
      least by Jeff at The Linux Show!!) “the only adult working at
      slashdot, and just barely.” How did Robin get the handle “roblimo?”

      Hint: /.
    • Question Seventeen- Peter H. Salus, managing
      editor of Linux Journal, has been a contributing member of the
      greater “Unix” community for decades. In fact, his book
      is considered the
      consummate historical book about Unix!
      Hint: yippee
    • Question Eighteen- What is the name OF and email address for linux.com head honcho? What
      did he previously create?
      Hint: LC
    • Question Nineteen- The Atlanta Linux Showcase
      is often called The Best user group event for the Linux
      Community. is the
      sponsoring LUG for ALS, but there is also a second “non Linux” IT
      community group that helps with ALS. Who is that group?

      Hint: LC, LT or /.
    • Question Twenty- What former Netscape CTO is on the Red
      Board of Directors?
    • Question Twenty One- Red Hat overall has had a great year. Not
      very many companies experience this kind of explosive growth. There
      are a lot of Red Hat folks that are now very (very) wealthy.
      However, not everything this year has been 100% good. What bad
      thing happened?
      Hint: VA Uber
    • Question Twenty Two- What former VA employee is now a President
      of a major Linux Company?
      Hint: I will be your server today Mr Gates
    • Question Twenty Three- Patrick Volkerding’s
      most common “nickname”?
      Hint: you slacker
    • Question Twenty Four- Art Tyde & Dave
      co-founders of major Linux support vendor
      “Linuxcare” are active in what LUG?
      Hint: linuxcare.com
    • Question Twenty Five- “Linuxcare” has made a
      great impact on the non-linux community with some very good PR. The
      had the “infamous” Girl with the Red Hat box poster, the Suckers
      with bugs in them, but above all their most well known campaign was

    • Catagory Four- Misc Geek and Space Stuff
      • Question One- What is a Schwartzian sort?
      • Question Two- What does EMacs stand for?
      • Question Three- Who invented the Biofeedback PC interface?

        Hint: COCO
      • Question Four- How many Boolean operators are there?

      • Question Five- Has Bill gates ever had an original thought in
        his life?
      • Question Six- STS-103 is scheduled to launch on December 2nd,
        why is this date critical to the completion of the mission?

        Hint: NASA
      • Question Seven- Name the first commercially available hobbyist
        PC and what happened to Ser#1 of that PC?
      • Question Eight- What is Paradichlorobenzine used for?

        Hint: 3 possible answers will be accepted, but bonus for what
        we feel is the answer. Men use this all the time.
      • Question Nine- What major planetary event is taking place right
        Hint: has nothing to do with lost spacecraft
      • Question Ten- What “new” major project has been launched by our
        favorite team of little green men chasers?
        Hint: does not have an “@home” in the name
      • Question Eleven- Who discovered the “Top quark” ?
        Hint: Fermi labs
      • Question Twelve- According to the American Computer Company,
        how may have “Bell Labs” develop the transistor and IC?



    1. The general concept is to find answers to Linux and technology
      related trivia questions. It is recommended that people participate
      as teams, and would be a fun thing for a LUG to do as an event.
      Adult beverages are encouraged (for adults).
    2. At exactly 8:00 pm CST on the 26th of October on the LIVE
      broadcast of The Linux Show, we will reveal the location of a web
      site that will have a simple list of questions, clues and
      associated URLs. You will need to go to those URLs, or deduce the
      location of a URL based upon the clue, and then gather information
      to answer the questions. Some of these questions will stand on
      their own and be easily solved. Other questions will require an
      answer from a previously asked question as the clue to solve that
      later question. Additional ?Cryptic? clues will/may be given out
      during the contest at our IRC server.
    3. Each question will have a point value associated with its
      answer. Use this web form to submit answers. We are hoping to
      create a list of questions that a reasonably sharp person could
      complete in a couple hours. In this way a team should complete the
      contest in about one hour.
    4. The word contest implies prizes. At this time we have collected
      a number of T-shirts from vendors that will be awarded. Prizes will
      be awarded by the discretion (and whim) of the Linux Show
    5. TIME is also a factor. We are allowing 2 wrong or missing
      answers. At least one question is almost impossible to answer. So,
      the first returned forms with the most points will win.
    6. We will post a list of winners in a day or two.