Time Digital: The Year Ahead, TIME Digital’s technology predictions for 2000

“Think of it. Corporations spend millions on analysts,
consultants, and trend spotters to get a peek at the future of
technology. We at TIME Digital give you our predictions for free
(er, don’t forget to glance at that banner ad at the top of the

“Here are our guesses – highly educated ones, of course – at
what the year in technology has in store for us….”

“4. Linux Gets Small. It was a great year for the Linux
operating system and the Open Source community in general. Now it’s
time to face some hard facts: Linux owns only a tiny sliver of the
desktop market, and that sliver isn’t likely to get much bigger. In
the server market, Linux and other Unix-based operating systems are
sitting pretty, but they’ll face a serious challenge from Windows
2000, the new version of Microsoft’s NT operating system, due out
in February. The next battleground? Small non-computer appliances
such as Tivo, the Linux-based personal video recorder, or the
Linux-based Internet appliance Intel is expected to announce today.
Look for Linux to duke it out with Windows CE for kiosks, gas
pumps, egg-beaters, and other appliances that need a small but
super-stable operating environment.

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