Tom’s Hardware: NVIDIA 3D Under Linux

It finally has become reality. With NVIDIA’s latest Linux
drivers for XFree86 4 you’ll get powerful 3D for this free open
source operating system as well. Over are the times when only geeks
were using Linux.
Today even serious 3D-gamers should be
pleased with the 3D-performance offered by NVIDIA. We tested 5
different NVIDIA 3D cards on 6 different platforms and compared the
scores with the 3D-performance under Windows98….”

“The story is a lot different for Linux users. Up until recently
Linux users had to get used to the fact that drivers for special
hardware took quite a while to become available. In many cases
someone out of the worldwide Linux community wrote a driver by
himself, because the vendors couldn’t be bothered to support Linux.
Today things are improving and you’ll find that the Linux
distribution package you just bought is already supporting most of
your system components. The story is still a bit tough in the fast
changing graphics card market though. You might be able to easily
get a driver for the 2D-functionality of your card, but once it
comes to 3D-support things look rather grim. That’s why NVIDIA’s
unified Linux driver model seems like a real blessing. Regardless
if you’ve got a TNT2, Vanta, TNT2 Ultra, GeForce SDR, GeForce DDR,
GeForce 2 GTS, GeForce 2 MX, Quadro, Quadro2 or the upcoming new
3D-solution from NVIDIA, they all work with the one driver set. In
fact, after the installation you can easily swap one of those cards
with another, restart your Linux box and the system will run. For
Linux users this is a great advance!”

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