Top 5 Mistakes Made by Linux First-Timers

“With the arrival of Ubuntu 10.10, the list of reasons to try
Linux for your business just got a little longer. The free and open
source operating system is now more user-friendly than it’s ever
been before while still offering the many security and other
advantages it has over its competitors.

“If you’re among the legions of new Linux users out there,
congratulations on making a smart move! Now that you’re on your way
to a lifetime of freedom from high costs, vendor lock-in, constant
malware attacks, and the many other disadvantages associated with
Windows and Mac OS X, you should be aware of some of the classic
mistakes Linux newcomers sometimes make.

“None of these should be deal-breakers, by any means.
Nevertheless, an early heads-up can help prevent unnecessary
frustration. Without further ado, here are five key things you
should avoid when starting out with desktop Linux.

“1. Expecting Windows”

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