Ubuntu Beats Windows 7 and Windows XP by a huge margin

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“In order to answer the question, we have performed a
variety of file management operations such as file search, file
classification, storage utilization analysis, duplicate files
search, file copy, file synchronization and file delete on Windows
7 (64-Bit), Windows XP (64-Bit) and Ubuntu Linux 9.04 (64-Bit). All
tests were performed using FlexTk v3.3.50 (64-Bit) on a host
computer equipped with a Q9650 quad-core CPU, 4GB of system memory
and a pair of 10K RPM WD Raptor hard disks.

“It is a well known fact that the performance of file operations
greatly depends on the amount and size of processed files. In order
to accurately calculate average file system performance, we have
prepared a mixed 15 GB file set containing 100K files including
about 75K small files, 24K medium-sized files and 1K large files.
All operating systems were tested using exactly the same file set
and on the same hardware platform. Finally, in order to minimize
the impact of the file system cache, the test computer was
restarted before each test.”

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