UK ISP Demon Internet Ltd. pulls the plug on some NT servers

Half-life and Team Fortress Classic game servers will be dumping
Windows NT in favor of Linux.

In an E-Mail to their users, Demon writes:

Half-life and Team Fortress Classic servers

The servers for Half-Life


and Team Fortress Classic


are being changed from NT servers to Linux at midday on Tuesday
31st August 1999.

At this time anyone using one of the NT servers will lose their
connection. If this happens simply update the server list and

should find the new Linux servers already in place.

All other servers will remain unaffected.

Demon Gamesmaster

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Malcolm S. Muir                                   Demon Internet Ltd.
Sunderland                                        322 Regents Park Road
England                                           London N3 2QQ

[ Thanks to John Hayward-Warburton
for this report. ]