Upside: The Conscientious Objector [Bruce Perens]

“If you’re looking for controversy in the world of open source
software, look no further than Bruce Perens.

As the former head of the Debian Project and the former
co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, Perens has cultivated
a David Lee Roth-like image in recent years, forging a symbiotic
relationship with news reporters through a steady stream of snappy
quotes and an unrestrained willingess to depart projects in a
well-publicized huff.”

“Perens’ latest project, however, seems like the perfect
calling. Dubbed Technocrat.net, it is a Slashdot-style Web site
dedicated to building stronger ties between the online hacker
community and the inside-the-Beltway world of Washington, D.C.
policy wonks.”

“Recently, Open Season met with Bruce Perens to discuss the
motives and messages behind Technocrat.”