VMWare for Linux available in Beta

Thanks to Clovis Sena
for this link.

LT readers will recall our March
6th introductory posting
about VMWare.

Today, it is available in beta form for the Linux platform.

“Imagine a world in which your applications are no longer
dictated by a particular platform. A world where you can run
multiple application environments concurrently, on an ordinary
personal computer. A world so advanced that each environment is
isolated from the others: If a system crashes or an application
hangs, other environments are not affected. Envision a world where
your entire computing environment is encapsulated and can be moved
between computers as easily as copying a file. Now, with
VMware¹s revolutionary, patent-pending Virtual Platform
technology, this ideal world is a reality.”

“In a radical departure from tradition, VMware Virtual Platform
provides a “mix and match” capability among hardware, operating
systems, and applications. This innovative approach lets
individuals and organizations achieve new levels of flexibility,
productivity, and performance while maximizing the return on their
investment in hardware and software.”

“For example, with VMware Virtual Platform, you can take your
personal or business applications with you, and run them on the
machine of your choice. Or you can run applications from different
operating systems concurrently ­ such as Microsoft® Office
­ on your Linux® system. Developers can use a single
machine to write and test applications for multiple target
environments. And organizations can efficiently deploy new or
upgraded versions of operating systems or applications throughout
the enterprise, while keeping their current operating system and
applications intact. All users can work with confidence because
they know any changes they make to a system can be undone with just
a click of a mouse button.”