VNU Net: Compaq confirms Alpha Tru64 Unix lives on

“Compaq officials promised users that Tru64 Unix on Alpha is
alive and kicking, despite killing off a version of the operating
system for Intel’s Merced chip in September.”

“Compaq is also working on running Tandem’s Himalaya Non Stop
kernel together with Tru64 Unix to bring fault tolerance to Alpha.
…will… bump up reliability by achieving 99.999 per cent
availability by 2001 and eventually 99.9999 per cent uptime by

“Compaq was at pains to assure users that there is
definitely a future for Tru64 Unix on Alpha despite the company
canning plans to port the operating system onto Intel’s Merced
family. The decision was made to boost investments in making Alpha
a stronger competitor and enable Compaq to push Linux on

It will put Alpha Tru64 Unix compilers to Alpha Linux so that it
will achieve the same performance as Alpha Tru64 Unix. This will
enable users to mix and match Linux and Tru64 Unix on Alpha.”