Weekend Project: Add PubSubHubbub Syndication to Your Site or Blog

” Web syndication formats like RSS and Atom have revolutionized
the way we get information, but even though these formats are
standardized and widespread, syndication is still evolving.
PubSubHubbub is one of the more interesting advancements in
syndication technology, because it actually changes the update
method used by clients, from traffic-heavy periodic polling to a
publisher-push model. Luckily you don’t have to choose one or the
other; you can add PubSubHubbub support to your site’s feeds
without losing compatibility with your more “traditional” readers.
This weekend, update your feeds to the latest and greatest in
syndication and generate your own hubbub.

“How It Works

“In Ye Olde-Fashioned Web Syndication of yesteryear, there were
exactly two players in each conversation: the publisher (such as a
blog or other site producing RSS or Atom content) and the
subscriber (an end-user application, such as a feed-aggregating
blog reader like Google Reader or TT-RSS, or a stand-alone software
app). The publisher updated the content of its feed whenever a new
story or post went live.”

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