Weekend Project: Set Up Squid on Linux as a Caching Web Proxy

” The Squid proxy server can function in many roles — HTTP
accelerator, traffic filter, network logger, etc. — but its
primary function is caching frequently-requested Web resources to
save WAN bandwidth. A transparent caching proxy can intercept and
cache HTTP traffic for your entire LAN, without the need to
individually configure each browser. Because Squid has so many
options, though, you need to set it up and test it before rolling
it out in a production environment — making it a perfect
weekend project.

“The Bird’s Eye View

“Before getting started, it is important to understand that
Squid can cache HTTP traffic for the entire LAN, but that cannot
transparently cache TLS/SSL connections, IMAP, XMPP, and many other
types of content. In most cases, these are not connection types
that you would want to cache for the entire LAN, but remembering it
should also help you avoid the costly mistake of accidentally
blocking this other traffic.”

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