Where Are They Now? Products Announced During Past Google I/O Keynotes

“Google App Engine: Quiet Success?: Google App Engine was
released a month before Google I/O, as a way for people to host web
applications on Google. We don’t cover the product much here, as
it’s not really search-related. But it appears to be doing

“Evidence? For one, the product has its own blog, with fresh
entries. When Google products dies, outdated blogs serve as their

“On the Google App Engine blog, there’s fresh news that the
product handled its highest traffic levels ever, courtesy of the
Royal Wedding.

“Android: Raging Success: Pick your stat, there’s no question
that Android is a huge success. In a world where it seemed that the
iPhone had conquered the smartphone space, Google’s Android
operating system went from zero to rival in an incredibly short
period of time.

“Android got demoed to developers at Google I/O 2008. The first
commercial handsets, the G1, came out a few months later. Initial
reviews were poor, but Android kept improving.”

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