Who should use alpha-status Chromium on Linux?

[ Thanks to feicipet
for this link. ]

“Typing a URL in the address bar the first time after
starting up causes the entire browser to freeze while it pulls up
the address history. There have been experiments that show the
Windows version of Firefox running faster on Wine than the native
Linux versions.

“Sad to say, what I have to put up with while using Firefox
detracts way too much from the positives that it represents. I want
out. I want a browser I can use without having to keep a timer on
so that I know when to restart it 2-3 times a day. I want a browser
I can middle-click 20 RSS entries in Google Reader in rapid-fire
fashion without having it lock up on me.

“There are many alternatives. Not many of them work too well.
Konqueror has issues rendering sites, especially Google Apps which
I use 50% of my online time. Arora slows down when I have more than
5 tabs open, for some reason. Rekonq doesn’t really show the speed
that WebKit advertises.”

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