Why Desktop Market Share Shouldn�t be Linux�s Priority

“The desktop is going to improve and transform over time and
that situation isn’t likely to change. Microsoft have just recently
come out with Windows 7 and Apple had last released Snow Leopard.
Both of them will capture their respective markets and will
succeed. We’ll have bigger screens, smaller screens and multiple
screens, but the base of the software we run on it will be pretty
much the same.

“The community needs to get behind the big projects like KDE and
GNOME now, more than ever before. KDE is slowly coming out of its
cocoon as the KDE 4 series matures, while GNOME is in the process
of bringing the upcoming GNOME 3 series into mainstream. We have to
stop directing rants at MS and get to brainstorming for these free
desktop environment giants. Bug reports need to keep coming and
feedback should flow in.”

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