Why Midrange Android Phones Aren�t Worth the Sacrifice

” These application processors in mid-range phones are usually
running on the ARMv6 instruction set, meaning the really attractive
games won’t run smoothly. A common clock speed to see in this day
and age is 600MHz. That’s enough to get things most things done.
You can easily browse the web, and run some background services. If
you try to throw Fruit Ninja into the mix, it’s going to get

“Lastly, If you pick up a mid-range phone you need to be very
comfortable with the feature set it comes with. These inexpensive
devices will not get a lot of attention in the update department.
There are two reasons for this. The devices are slower, meaning
newer versions of Android may have to be modified more to function
correctly. Also, mid-range phones don’t sell as well. The best way
to tell if a device is getting updates, is whether or not it has a
large user base.”

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