Windows 8 belongs on older PCs like a fish needs a bicycle

Metro, no matter what Microsoft wants to call it, remains a usability nightmare on a conventional PC. It may or may not be as awful on a touch tablet—I haven’t tried that so I don’t know—but I do know it’s annoying as heck on my non-touch enabled PCs. The desktop, no matter what Microsoft may want, still works best with a Windows, Icons, Menu, Pointer (WIMP) interface, not Metro’s big, klutzy tiles.

Want to have malicious fun? Stick some poor sod in front of a Windows 8 system and then watch them try to back out of an application. Watch them look around for the now missing in action Start button and hunt for the windows controls on the desktop screen eating application. If they’re lucky they’ll eventually stumble over the invisible lower-left corner escape hatch to the main interface. Oh yeah, this is so much better than Windows 7’s Aero interface.