WirelessDevNet: So You Wanna Be A Wireless Star?

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“While you may be familiar with widely used software
packages such as Linux, Perl, and MySQL, it may surprise you to
know that there are several commercial-grade products being
developed for use in wireless applications making use of
technologies such as SMS, WAP, and Bluetooth. I’d like to highlight
a few of these projects this week in hopes that, at a minimum,
you’ll check out these incredible products offerings.”

Kannel: The Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway

The first project I’d like to introduce you to is Kannel, which
bills itself as the open source WAP and SMS gateway project.
Founded by WapIT in Helsinki in 1999, the project has advanced to a
stage where commercial operators such as Globe Telecom in the
Philippines are currently using Kannel to serve tens of thousands
of SMS requests per day. The WAP server is still under development
and is not ready for industrial use, although it does work in light
testing environments.”

Enhydra: The Open Source Java/XML Application

Enhydra is a Java application server project that is already
enjoying widespread commercial use (WirelessDevNet uses it to run
our discussion area!) Enhydra’s site is sponsored by Lutris
Technologies; Lutris offers a variety of support, training, and
consulting services for the product. Because Enhydra converts all
content into XML before serving it out via their Java servlet
framework, virtually any type of data or content can be served once
the data has been converted to XML (which can actually be done on
the fly by the server). One consequence of this is that Enhydra
supports dynamic WML generation capabilities as well as the
standard HTML output.”

Axis Bluetooth On Linux
While many may think of open source projects as loose collections
of students hacking away throughout the night (not that there’s
anything wrong with that!), the true power of the idea to
businesses is that can help produce better products due to the
public peer review process and collective pooling of some very
large brains around the planet. Companies like Axis Communications
help illustrate to those sitting on the fence how opening their
source code up can help the entire company prosper.”


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