WordPress 3.3 Improves Usability in Open Source CMS

“Yeaah, I know, WordPress is blogging software right? Well yes
and no. WordPress has evolved to become the most popular open
source Content Management System (CMS) in recent years besting
Drupal and Joomla (as far as I can tell) in terms of sheer user
numbers (admittedly not the best metric). WordPress itself claims a
staggering 65 million downloads since the 3.0 release.

One reason why WordPress continues to gain fans (and you can
count me among them) is their predictable and relatively
non-disruptive update cycle. This week, WordPress 3.3 came out
roughly six months after the 3.2 update. With 3.3, there are a lot
of little improvements that add up to whole lot for the user

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