World’s Cheapest Tablet Running Android for educational institutions

[ Thanks to DIPIN for this link. ]

“Akash is a new next-generation Tablet PC, which comes with
attractive features. This is one of the cheapest tablet PC, which
launched in India. This tab is made to the requirement of users and
especially for the needs of students. The tablet comes with a 7
inch wide touch screen 480 × 800 pixels, which is based on
the Android operating system 2.2 and powered by Connexant

“With Akash tablet we can work on a Wi-Fi and GPRS Internet
connections. Card is integrated with social networking applications
like Facebook, twitter… This card is also benefiter
commercial purpose, because it is loaded into Microsoft Office and
Adobe PDF tools for reading and writing documents, such as Excel,
Word, PowerPoint, etc. Akash tablet has 256 megabytes of RAM and 2
GB of flash memory that has the ability expandable up to 32GB of
external Micro SD card slot. 2 USB ports are available for
connecting to other devices like flash drives. Card, supports
multi-format music / video files, and has a long battery life
offers up to 3 hours.”

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