XML.com: AxKit – XML web publishing with Apache and mod_perl

[ Thanks to msergeant
for this link. ]

“One of XML’s major benefits to web developers is that it is a
standard way to separate data from presentation, and create a
consistent templating system for a web site. Yet that promise is
yet to be fully realized by many, due to the immature state of XML
tool support, especially in authoring.”

“An important part of using XML for web publishing is content
delivery. Although XML-to-HTML conversion is partially possible in
browsers such as Internet Explorer, the reality is that HTML or
XHTML will be served from web servers for a long time to come. This
means server-side XML transformation is the most viable option for
publishing with XML today.”

“Server side transformations can be handled at various levels.
The most basic of these is static transformations (e.g., using an
XSLT processor and some shell scripts), but this method can quickly
become awkward, and is not satisfactory for dynamic web sites.
Another option is application server environments such as Zope or
Enhydra. If you have a real need to use these products, they are a
good choice. But keep in mind that they have a tendency to operate
within their own enclosed universe.”


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