ZDNet: Postcard from Penguin Land, Parts 1 and 2

From Part 1:

Wednesday, 9:23 am, The Jacob Javits Convention

“I must be in the wrong place. It seems like everybody in the
building, including some guy with an electronic lapel pin streaming
words, is wearing a suit and tie. My suits and ties are back in
Boston. The guy with the marquis on his lapel turns out to be Bruce
Perens. This ain’t your Birkenstocked, pony-tailed father’s
LinuxWorld anymore, is it? I bypass the opportunity to corner
Perens since I’m having dinner with him, Codeweavers president
Jeremy White, and Linux Terminal Server Project’s Erik Tyack later

Wednesday, 10:00 am, Novell CEO keynote

“Fresh from aquisitions of Ximian and SuSE, and a day after SCO
announces that it’s launching a suit, Novell CEO Jack Messman gives
an impassioned keynote about how his company has adopted a new
religion: open source. He sets the stage for two themes that for me
will drive the focus of LinuxWorld: raising the bar on managing
everything from Linux desktops to servers to clusters and the SCO
indemnification issue. Novell indemnifies. HP indemnifies. Red Hat
announced it will replace any code found to be infringing. But what
about IBM, Sun, Dell and others…?”

Complete Story (Part 1)

Complete Story (Part 2)

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