ZDNet quietly expands its Linux coverage

New Linux news page and Linux forum have popped up.

by Dwight Johnson

ZDNet has had good Linux articles (and bad) for some time but
has only lately begun to organize articles which have appeared in
its many different publications into one place as at this

This page is linked on Yahoo! as a Linux news site but it fails
at this because there is no date ordering of the stories, only a
small fraction of the ZDNet Linux coverage is included, and some of
the stories are quite old.

It is difficult to tell what kind of a Linux reader a page like
this would appeal to. I think we can safely conclude that this is
an early experiment. Could ZDNet be headed toward a Linux

In another development, ZDNet has mounted a discussion forum
which may appeal to those new to Linux who prefer a threaded,
browser-directed discussion to a Linux mailing list.