ZDNet: Rivals claim [antitrust] fault on MS server tactics

“Even as a federal court scrutinizes the company, antitrust
enforcers are studying Microsoft’s current tactics in the market
for industrial-strength software that runs Web sites and corporate
networks. The large and highly competitive market is currently
dominated by Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), Oracle Corp.
(Nasdaq: ORCL), Linux and Unix software.”

“Microsoft’s march on Web-server and network markets — which is
already the subject of a broad investigation by the European
Commission — raises a tricky issue for state and federal antitrust
officials’ efforts to forge a remedy plan to present to U.S.
District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson on April 28. The officials
say that any remedy in the landmark antitrust case must address
Microsoft’s efforts to wield the Windows monopoly in new markets.
If a remedy is imposed by the court, and withstands a likely
appeal, it could redraw the rules of competition in the

“Microsoft says the server market is competitive and that the
company shouldn’t be subject to restraints. It also charges that
any new state and federal scrutiny is being fueled by its
competitors, especially Sun, Oracle and IBM (NYSE: IBM).”