ZDNet: Shhh! OS/2 selling better than expected

“IBM has always maintained that it continues to offer active
support for the OS/2 operating system. But the general market
perception is that the company is trying to scoop kitty litter over
Big Blue’s one-time entry in the operating system wars.”

“…OS/2 is doing much better than even IBM expected. The
company just hasn’t bothered to tell anybody.
According to IBM
sources, the IBM OS/2 Warp client has sold at 134 percent of
plan for the last five quarters
, accounting for more than $70
million in revenue, with the greatest increase occurring at the end
of 1998.

This growth is being credited to revenue from large enterprise
license agreements, additional client upgrade protection plans, and
— at least in IBM’s eyes — positive customer calls on strong
e-business directions.”

“IDC reports that OS/2 only held 0.5 percent of the 89 million
client operating environment market and 3.0% of the server
operating environment market in 1998. The OS/2 shipments declined
about 40% in both markets.”