ZDNet: The great Linux Rush of 1999

“Since I stated that we were moving into what I called the
post-FUD era, not much has happened to surprise me. The kind of
competition Linux is getting from Microsoft, conventional Unix
vendors, and even other free operating systems is par for the
course and can be addressed by the community. There’s nothing wrong
with some healthy rivalries, whether friendly or not. They help
keep the Linux world moving forward, and either matching or
bettering its competitors whenever it can.”

“But the kind of reporting that has been spewing forth as a
result of the Linux stock free-fall isn’t FUD, it’s just garbage.
For example: The Ottawa Citizen, one of the few English-language
media outlets which covered the recent Linux Expo in Montreal,
offered a fairly nasty report which used the show’s anemic
attendance coupled with Linux company stock woes to proclaim the
demise of “the fading kingdom of Linux.”

“This strain of thought is insane, and to me sits just on
this edge of irresponsible. It doesn’t plant fears about Linux’s
reliability or usability. Instead it tries to use true but
irrelevant information to paint Linux as a fad, the product of a
hype machine that has spent itself and will now politely go away
and leave the old status quo in place.”

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