ZDNN: Wintel cranks up workstations

“…Intel… is developing new workstation-specific hardware,
while Microsoft… is working to support… [Intel’s]
workstation technologies in Windows 2000 and Windows 64, the 64-bit
version of Windows 2000.”

“Intel’s building blocks… include… AGP Pro… an extension
to the AGP graphics bus that offers higher-performance image
display, video and three-dimensional capabilities for workstations
based on current 32-bit processors… as well as machines using
forthcoming 64-bit processors… [and] WTX, a specification for
workstation chassis design that is aimed at supporting upcoming
technologies while reducing cost through standardization. …[WTX]
will support dual-processor motherboards for both IA-32 and IA-64

“Microsoft announced Windows NT Services for Unix 2.0, a new set
of tools aimed at helping Windows NT and Unix share data. Sales of
workstations based on NT are already outpacing the sales of Unix
workstations…[according to] International Data Corp. …”