Zenwalk 7 Review

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“Zenwalk is a desktop-oriented Linux distribution originally
based on Slackware. The latest stable release is Zenwalk 7. It was
made available for download on March 25, 2011, roughly ten months
from the last prior stable release – Zenwalk 6.4. The Zenwalk
project makes four editions available – The Standard Edition,
Core Edition, GNOME Edition, and the Openbox Edition. This article
presents a detailed review of the Standard Edition.

“Installation: Installing Zenwalk is via a curses-based
installation program. Though it does what it is designed for, it
looks out of place on a modern (desktop) operating system. LVM, the
Linux Logical Volume Manager, RAID and disk encryption are not
supported. Installation is a 2-stage process, with disk
partitioning and package installation in the first phase, and
language selection, root password, and user account creation in the
second stage. An Autoinstall option performs an automated disk
partitioning and package installation.”