6 Free Open Source Shopping Cart Software Options

“Open Source Shopping Cart #1: osCommerce

“osCommerce is one of the most widely used and highly respected
open source shopping cart tools available. The software itself has
been developed and improved over the years and new additions and
add-ons are submitted on a daily basis. The result is a
user-friendly, secure and stable ecommerce shopping cart.
osCommerce is one of the best e-commerce solutions available. If it
doesn’t have a feature you want, and that’s unlikely because we’ve
only scratched the surface in this article, then check out the
online community because you are virtually guaranteed that somebody
somewhere has instructions on how to achieve it.

“Easy Shopping Cart Installation: Installation is a breeze;
completed entirely through your Internet browser. All features and
functions are enabled automatically giving you complete use of the
software within minutes of downloading it.

“Category and Product Management: There are no limitations in
terms of the number of categories or products that you can add.
Whether you want to sell just a handful of items or open up the
next giant online shopping center, it’s your choice. You are also
free to sell physical products or digital products according to
your own business needs. Search features make it easy for your
visitors to quickly and intuitively find products they desire.

“Design Implementation and Modification: The design of the
front-end software can be easily altered. By using a template
structure, osCommerce enables you to change certain aspects of your
entire site without having to alter every individual page. You can
even link products to display in “similar items” sections and you
can automatically display “special offer” items and any other

“Payment Integration: Payment integration is easy. As well as
integrating credit/debit cards, checks, and other offline payment
methods, osCommerce can be integrated with PayPal, 2CheckOut and
many more online payment processors.

“Shopping Cart Add-ons: To date there are over 6,500 add-ons
available for free to customize osCommerce online stores to help
increase sales.”