Business Wire: Linuxcare Launches World’s Largest Open and Free Linux Information Repository Resource; Free Linuxcare Knowlegebase Designed to Serve Corporate Enterprises In Adoption of Linux

“Linuxcare, Inc. (www.linuxcare.com) the first company to
provide a complete solution for Linux technical support to Fortune
1000 companies — announced today the public availability of the
Linuxcare Knowledgebase, free at www.linuxcare.com.”

“The site’s engine constantly searches, retrieves and indexes
all current Linux technical support information available
throughout the World Wide Web, combining it into one efficient
mega-repository, which Linuxcare support staff categorizes, grooms
and constantly updates with new solutions. The easy-to-use Web
interface offers advanced text-analysis and query tools for
effective, around-the-clock, self-service Linux support.”