Business Wire: Molecular Applications Group Introduces GeneMine 3.5; Upgrade Enhances Ease and Speed of Discovery in Bioinformatics

” ‘In the year since GeneMine’s introduction, it has become an
essential tool for rapid, comprehensive, automated analysis and
integrated viewing of sequence feature and function information,’
said Thomas Hatton, Ph.D., director of Product Planning.

‘We are pleased with its wide acceptance at major pharmaceutical
companies. By reducing the time necessary to analyze gene function
from weeks to hours, it relieves a major bottleneck in
pharmaceutical research. This latest version adds broader platform
support and a number of features that will make analysis still
faster and more convenient.’

Those features include:

— Compatibility with Sun/Solaris 2.5.1+ and Intel/Red Hat Linux
5.1+ platforms, in addition to current compatibility with Silicon
Graphics/ IRIX 5.3+ work stations