BW: NEON Systems Extends eBusiness Integration Solution With Linux Support…

“NEON(R) Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NESY), a leading provider of
eBusiness Integration, Security, and Subsystem Management software
products, today announced that its Diplomat product now
supports the Linux platform. With Linux support for Diplomat, NEON
Systems now delivers a complete eBusiness Integration solution for
, Unix(R), Windows NT(R), Windows(R) 2000, and
System/390(R) applications. And because Diplomat is integrated with
NEON Systems’ Shadow(R) Product Group, an organization can achieve
integration of applications within business units or with vendors,
partners, and customers — as well as direct access to System/390
mainframe data and transactions.”

“In order for an eBusiness Integration effort to be successful,
all major computing platforms and vendor choices must be addressed,
including those in the open systems arena. With Linux support for
Diplomat, NEON Systems now offers a unified eBusiness Integration
solution that spans these computing platforms and vendor choices
and allows organizations to choose the right mix of technology for
their particular business needs without having to worry about the
ability to integrate those choices throughout the enterprise.”

“NEON Systems’ Diplomat provides a blending of EAI and B2B
integration for disparate System/390 mainframe, Windows NT, Windows
2000, Linux, and UNIX applications in interoperable,
cross-functional environments. With Diplomat, event-driven
integration is streamlined among intra-office business units as
well as among business-to-vendor, partner, and customer
interactions without investing in new applications or computing
platforms. Pricing for Diplomat starts at $50,000.”

Press Release