Fedora Project Brazil Releases Online Magazine

[ Thanks to Rodrigo Menezes for this
link. ]

“We are proud to announce the release of the first
issue of Revista Fedora Brasil (Fedora Brazil Magazine), an online
magazine about Fedora made by Brazilian Ambassadors and Linux
community members for those who speak Portuguese.

“Starting our release cycle, we chose “Fedora 8?” as the cover
story and central theme of the magazine, including articles about
system-config-firewall and IcedTea. We also included an interview
with FAmSCo member Rodrigo Padula, a column by Igor Soares and some
Fedora news selected by Rodrigo Menezes and his team.

“We hope we have been done a good job, but we know we can do
even better. To make this possible, we are working to turn easy our
readers to send comments, sugestions and, of course, content to be