Five big issues with ARM and Android netbooks

“Whether you love or hate it, Windows looks and works exactly
the same on all netbooks and PCs. The same isn’t true of Linux.
There are several distributions, and each one has many different
interfaces. PC makers also put their own stamp on this with
interfaces such as HP’s Mi (Mobile Internet) on its Mini netbooks.
At Computex, I even saw a 10-inch smartbook from Pegatron, a
contract manufacturer, with a Freescale ARM chip running Xandros
Linux with a

“Windows XP “look-a-like” user interface. Linux boosters see
this customization as a big advantage. Trust me, it’s not.
The smartphone model–lots of operating systems, lots of carrier
customization and apps–won’t work well on smartbooks. When
you start-up a new PC, you should have a reasonable idea what the
OS will look like and how it works.”


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