Five Places You Can Slash IT Spending

“Vendor lock-in is great for the vendor, but not as much for the
IT shop. In this article we focus on the infrastructure side of IT,
exploring how enterprise-grade services can be had for drastically
reduced costs, or even for free.

“x86 Commercial Off-the-Shelf Hardware
Are you still running Oracle on proprietary Sun SPARC hardware? How
about SAS on large, expensive IBM POWER servers? Now is the time to
test these applications, and realize the performance gain, on more
“commodity” hardware. A pair of quad-core Intel Xeon processors
will simply amaze you, and at a fraction of the cost. Switching
architectures is never easy, but know that most everyone supports
your most critical applications on Linux with x86, including the
two examples we mentioned above. The performance gains alone are
enough, but wait, there’s more.”

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