Forbes: Novell, Silicon Graphics Were Made for Each Other

“Here’s a suggestion: Novell and Silicon Graphics should merge.
That way, we’d have to worry about just one big tech company that’s
taking longer to die than Generalissimo Franco.”

“Think of the synergies! Novell’s networking software has been
trampled by competition–mainly Microsoft’d Windows NT and, more
recently, Linux. Silicon Graphics has a similarly sad tale on the
hardware side. Its workstations and servers have been ground to
dust in the market by IBM, Sun Microsystems and

“There sure isn’t much to toast right now. SGI is trying
mightily to stage a turnaround under Bob Bishop, a board member who
took over as chief executive a year ago in August when Rick
Belluzzo jumped ship to join Microsoft. Bishop has jettisoned
several divisions and sold the moneylosing Cray supercomputer
operation. The company has refocused on its strengths–technical
computing and graphics–while placing a sizable bet on Linux.
Whether Bishop’s moves will pay off remains to be seen. SGI lost
$608 million in its latest quarter.”