Good-bye Windows, Enterprise Linux is Taking Off

“Linux has always been strong in the server room and datacenter,
and according to a new survey it is poised for significant uptake
in the enterprise, including Windows to Linux migrations.

“The Linux Foundation says Linux is poised for significant
growth in the enterprise, some of it at the expense of Windows
servers. 76.4% of companies surveyed are planning to add more Linux
servers in the next twelve months. 41.2% are increasing their
Windows servers, while 43.6% will decrease or stay the same. Over
the next five years 79.4% of businesses surveyed plan to add more
Linux servers compared to other operating systems, while only 21.3%
plan to add more Windows servers.

“Migrations from Windows to Linux are accelerating, surpassing
Unix to Linux migrations, and 66% of Linux deployments are “green
field”, or brand-new. This is one of the more interesting findings;
in the past both Linux and Windows have been replacing Unix
servers, and past reports from other sources indicated that Unix to
Linux migrations outnumbered Windows to Linux. Over 60% of
respondents say they are increasing their use of Linux for
mission-critical tasks.”