Groklaw: More Changes in the New [SCO] SEC Filing

“In addition to the new risk factors already pointed out, here
are some other changes in Amendment 1 to SCO’s November S3, which
it just filed.

“On the left, you find the new version, with red text
representing new or altered material. On the right, you find the
November filing, with blue text representing deleted or altered

“As a general rule, lawyers don’t change a legal document unless
it has some significance. To a lawyer, words are weapons. They aim
for precision, not beauty, or at least if they aim for beauty, it’s
definitely second. This isn’t a criticism. Precision in your words
in a document can make the difference between a solid contract that
doesn’t need to be decided by a judge because there is no dispute
about what it means and one that ends up a lawsuit because nobody
is sure what it is saying. I won’t characterize the changes here,
because you can do that for yourself. The purpose of the chart is
to help you note what is new. Enjoy the fine points…”


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