How to Install Open-Xchange on Debian Linux

“Since its beginnings as a Microsoft Exchange alternative for
small- to medium-sized businessed, the Open-Xchange collaboration
suite has stretched a bit beyond just a messaging solution. The
flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is regarded as a full
collaborative platform, particularly with the addition of the
Infostore document sharing module. Here’s how to install
Open-Xchange Server to start on the way to replacing Exchange.

“Open-Xchange comes in a multitide of flavors. There is, of
course, the stand-alone Server Edition, as well as the Hosting
Edition that delivers Open-Xchange to users as a Web app. The
Advanced Server Edition features the same Web-based GUI found in
the Hosting Edition, but delivers content similarly as the Server
Edition. The Open-Xchange Appliance Edition uses the Web-based GUI,
too, and functions as a completely self-contained appliance with a
wizard-based interface to get started.”

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