Howto connect multiple networks over the Internet the cheap way

[ Thanks to Robert
for this link. ]

“I’m quit often asked by 2 types of people how to
connect cheaply multiple networks securely over the Internet. The
first type are owners of small companies which have more than one
office and want to connect them to their central office. And the
other type are people who are the de facto IT guy for their family
and friends and need an easy way to get into the the other

“In the beginning most of them start with with remote connection
software like Teamview, VNC, but at some point thats not enough
anymore, when the responsibilities grow. The solution that I
implement for them is based on the OpenVPN which is a well know,
free and secure Open Source VPN solution, which is able to run on
cheap hardware. Why do I say it needs hardware when you see on
their homepage that it runs on Windows too?

1. You want a system with which nobody messes around and so it
works for years without ever touching it again. And yes that is
possible with the proposed solution. If you can’t reach the router
it normally a ISP problem or power outage.
2. You don’t have only one Computer in each network and one VPN for
each computer is not a good idea if you don’t need it.
3. There are also devices in the network where you can’t or won’t
install a VPN software. e.g. printer, TV, receiver, acess

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