Information Week: Linux Gains Momentum As Vendor Support Grows — HP, IBM, SAP Unveil Support Plans; Cost Is Key To Adoption

“Linux, the freeware, open-source operating system, is gaining
momentum as a technology platform for business IT departments. But
despite a remarkable growth in acceptance, Linux still has a long
way to go.”

“The number of companies using Linux will double over the next
12 months, according to a survey of 166 IT managers last week by
InformationWeek Research. In all, 14% say their companies use
Linux, while another 16% plan to deploy it over the next year.
Among the factors cited by Linux adopters, the operating system’s
low price-it’s free on the Web, or available at nominal cost from
resellers-rates at the top with 72% of users, followed closely by
its reliability and performance.”